Thursday, June 16, 2011

How to Rescue the Victim Before the Arrival of Medical Personnel After Trampling Accident Occurred

1. When classifying the serious wound and slight wound, you should first define if he’s conscious.

2. Check him from head to foot to see if he suffered internal injuries. Viscera and pelvis easily hemorrhage. For viscera, if the lungs begin to fill with blood, much bloody foam will be ejected from the victim’s mouth. For pelvis, to make the victim lie flat and press his pelvis inwards with hands, if he feels pain, you can conclude that the victim suffers from a fractured pelvis. At the moment, you should uphold the pelvis with clothes and avoid moving the victim again.

3. For people suffering from bone fracture, you should first fasten the broken part. The length of the fasteners must exceed two joints. For example, if the forearm is injured, you must choose the fastener with the length exceeding from the wrist to the elbow joint.

4. For people who can’t move himself, you can primarily conclude that he may injure his spine, at the moment you don’t move him in case of breaking his back, causing paralysis.

5. In case the victim stops breathing, you can’t give up, because it may be a momentary cessation of breathing.

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