Monday, June 6, 2011

China Sichuan Gongga Mountain-The Eleventh Highest Peak in the World

Quanhua Beach
Perched in the west of Gongga Mountain, Quanhua Beach has a fountain with 1.5 meters spring height and 35 Celsius water temperature, where tourists can bath. The beach seduces many tourists who are always looking for the out of the ordinary into staying put; chances are you won't hurry to leave due to those charming five-color pools, accompanied by soft water plants.

Bawang Sea
With the altitude of 3400 meters and an area of about 4.7 hectares, Bawang Sea is oval in shape, taking the glacier melt water as source of water mainly. Dense forests around the sea, an expanse of white snow in the distance, 467 hectares of big fascine dam at the end of the sea, give a sense of mystery.

Tianwan River
Tianwan River is the largest river of Gongga Mountain with powerful turbulence and dozens of waterfalls rolling down, the scenery is very grand. It is rich in geothermal resources such as large hot spring, small hot spring and medicine hot spring, keeping the water temperature of 30 to 70 Celsius and containing rich health care microelements. Its original style of bath has still been maintained.

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