Thursday, June 23, 2011

Scientifically Eat the Fruits and Vegetables

Baked Carrot
Eating the boiled or baked carrot will increase 25 percent of healthy chemical substances including some anticancer substances.

Eat Quick Frozen Beans
The beans should be frozen after picking and peel-removing, which can effectively protect the nutrition of the bean.

Boil the Potato With Its Peel
It is worse to fry the potatoes with the animal fats. They should be boiled and baked in their jackets. The content of vitamin beneath the skin is 80 percent. You’d better boil the potato with the hot water in case of the loss of the soluble vitamin. 

Eat More Fruits but Drink Less Juice
You should eat more fresh fruits so as to supplement its vitamin, antioxidant and mineral. Juice makes people fat and may results in flatulence and decayed tooth.

Add Some Oil on the Tomato
Many people like to eat the raw tomato, but tomato added some oil can increase the absorption of lycopene.

Eat Less Canned Food
The nutrition of the canned fruits and vegetables depends on that how long are they canned after being picked, how much are the salt, sugar and other unhealthy chemical materials added in the course of processing. Compared with the fresh fruits and vegetables, the nutrition of the canned food is less, and over 50 percent of the vitamin c will lose.

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