Thursday, June 16, 2011

Explore Shanghai with Your Children

1. Seek the pleasures of childhood in Changzhou China Dinosaur Park.
Located 1 hour by train from Shanghai, Changzhou city has a tourist attraction of China Dinosaur Park, which is not only a happy homeland of dinosaur but also an exiting amusement park of theme in fashion. Kukesuke Grand Canyon, Lubura Aquatic World, Xiha Dinosaur City, Return to Jurassic Period, total six theme areas are available to you. Besides, you can know rich knowledge about dinosaur in China Dinosaur Gallery and appreciate various theme performances with dreamy optical effects.

2. Enter Fairyland
Located 30 minutes by train from Shanghai, Suzhou city has a national 4a-level scenic spot, the Suzhou Amusement Park, which covers an area of 0.54 million square meters with total investment of 0.6 billion Yuan. Suzhou Amusement Park has been deeply welcomed by tourists from all over the world since its establishment and become a hot spot of summer travel in East China. It perfectly integrates the western pleasure ground’s liveliness and spectacular and the oriental classical gardens’ tranquility and nature, forming a fairy-like place.

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