Sunday, June 26, 2011

Tips for Tourists Who Are Going to Travel Abroad

1. Write down what you need to take before packing up to avoid missing necessary stuffs. If you are going to travel to Southeast Asia, do not forget to take your summer clothes, because the season there is summer all the year round. Besides, most of the hotels in Southeast Asia don’t prepare the tooth-cleaners and slippers for you no matter how high the hotel’s rank is, therefore, don’t forget to take them to avoid embarrassment.

2. Take some requisite medicines. Once you are not feeling very well, the medicines may cope with an emergency. There are some requisite drugs for travelers including cold medicine, motion-sickness medicine, anti-allergic medicine, diarrhea medicine, Band-Aid and thermometer.

3. Before you go, know some foreign customs. For example, if you are going to travel in Thailand, you need to know that you can’t touch the child’s head, you need to take your shoes off before entering the temples, and women need to dodge when meeting monks and can’t wear short skirts and sandals when touring the Grand Palace. If you are going to travel in India, you can’t hold the child. If you are going to travel in Singapore, don’t spit everywhere and leave litter untidily or the large fines will make you bad.

4. Upon your arrival in the hotel, you should take a card of the hotel, because there is the hotel’s information on the card such as the hotel’s address and telephone number, which will bring more convenience in communication with local drivers.

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