Monday, June 13, 2011

Have a Tranquilly Romantic Journey in Fenghuang Ancient City

Many famous historic and cultural sites with long history, and the gently curving Tuojiang River, clear water, melodious folk song form a striking combination of cultural scenery and natural scenery. Take your sweetheart hand and enjoy a tranquilly romantic journey in Fenghuang County.

You can sit in the teahouse, taste the green tea and bask in the warm sun or play the cards and appreciate the landscape of the ancient city, which is so comfortable.

At night, you can find a quiet bar beside the Tuojiang River and chat over a bottle of beer or read your favorite books here and enjoy the spirit communion with the ripple of the stream.

In the morning from 6 to 7 o’clock, take your sweetheart hand, ramble at the super quiet alley and breathe the freshest air throughout a day. At this moment, the whole ancient city only belongs to both of you.

No trip to Fenghuang is complete without shopping, because there are thousands of delicate stores here, you can immerse yourself in the sweet feeling of shopping by holding hands. The whole ancient city is full of walking streets, so it is a good break away from the traffic. Romance is everywhere, love will heats up in Fenghuang County.

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