Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Experience a Different Tour in Hainan China

Xian’an Stone Forest
Xian’an Stone Forest is a manifestation of the uncanny craftsmanship of the Mother Nature. With the crustal movement for thousands of years and weathered by wind and water, here formed a sheer karst landform. Strolling in the stone forest is as if you enter a human fairyland. The living stone sceneries look like the tiger, leopard, dinosaur, fairy, eagle and camel, which are perfect for daydreaming.

Qiongbei Volcano
About 15 kilometers away from Hainan, Ma’anling volcano cluster spans dozens of square kilometers of 38 complete volcanoes and over 30 volcanic lava tunnels, which are really rare at home and abroad. Here preserved a tropically original forest covering an area of about 300 hectare and grew an ancient banyan cluster over 100 years, rare plants and state-level protected animals, forming a complete tropical ecological animal and plant community.

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