Monday, June 13, 2011

Weizhou Island-Running Lava Landscape

Enjoy the Pureness and Quietness of the Golden Sand Beach
Weizhou Island is a quiet island, forming a striking contrast with the bustling atmosphere in Beihai city. As far as the eye could reach, the golden sand beach shines in the sun, like a sunny smile on a girl. You can see the cactus everywhere such as in the sea cliff, beside the sand beach and so on. If you had seen a film named “Troy”, you would find that the pureness of the Aegean Sea in the film seemed to relive in Weizhou Island.

The Running Lava Landscape
It is also a beautiful volcanic island with the original coastal scenery. Strolling leisurely on the island, you will see the weird shape of stratum everywhere. The rare island formed by lava seduces many visitors around the world into staying put; chances are you won't hurry to leave. However, even more alluring is the running lava landscape that makes the island one of the most attractive places anywhere.

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