Monday, June 20, 2011

How to Have a Good Time in Shanghai China?

The first destination should be Suzhou city, which is one of the first batch famous historical and cultural cities in China. The rest of the first day is free at leisure.

After breakfast on the second day, you can start your tour by a visit to Suzhou Museum, a highly-regarded regional museum, where a number of significant Chinese cultural relics are housed. Then visit the Humble Administrator’s Garden, a world famous Suzhou garden and the Tiger Hill, a small beautiful hill housing lots of historical sites with a history of more than 2500 years.

The third day’s initial sightseeing is Tongli, which is located about 40 minutes by taxi from Suzhou and is now the best preserved ancient water town in Suzhou. You will discover hundreds of gardens, temples and notable former residences of Ming and Qing Dynasty and be fully enchanted by the rich natural and cultural ambience. Then transfer to Shanghai and have a rest.

On the fourth day, start your Shanghai tour by a visit to Shanghai Museum to see the Gallery of Chinese Ancient Bronze and Sculpture, Chinese Ancient Ceramics and Paintings. Your lunch can be followed by a visit to Yuyuan Garden, where you can have a walking tour at the nearby Yuyuan Market. Afterwards, continue your walking tour in
Nanjing Road
, Shikumen and the Bund.

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