Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hutong Tour in Old Beijing

Departing from the Di’anmenwai north avenue, you can first look around the Bell Tower and Drum Tower. Walk toward south along the tower, you can see the Pipe Street, which is the oldest street of Beijing. It spans 200 meters of kinds of featured shops, restaurants and bars, which make the street very lively.

Go out of the street, you will come to the Silver Ingot Bridge, it is said that you can see the distant Western Hill of Beijing on sunny day here. Cross the bridge and then enjoy the real bicycle tour along the riverside of Shi Cha Sea, the Hutongs here are thick as web and you can find some historical tracks in any Hutong.
Ancient Hutong, fashion bar, red walls and green trees form a picturesque scene in Houhai, which is one of the three lakes of Shi Cha Sea. Cycle in the bustling Hutong and enjoy the cosy sunshine in the afternoon, occasionally stop in the side of the lake to feel the strong air of Beijing culture.

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