Monday, June 6, 2011

Have a Desert Adventure Trip in China

1. Taklimakan Desert
Perched in the center of Tarim Basin, Taklimakan Desert covers the area of 33.76 square kilomet
ers with about 1000 kilometers from east to west and about 400 kilometers from south to north, second only to Africa Sahara Desert. The dunes are honeycomb, feather or fish scale in shape, which is unpredictable. The erratic sceneries often make tourists see a mirage in the desert.

2. Tenggeli Desert
Located in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Tenggeli Desert is the fourth largest desert with more than 400 lake basins. The plants here are mainly based on sand sagebrush, reeds, Alhagi sparsifolia and low shrubs and the wild animals are mainly based on small mammals and reptiles.

3. Badain Jaran Desert
Located in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Badain Jaran Desert is China’s third largest desert and world’s fourth largest desert with an area of 47 thousands square kilometers. The oasis in the desert is the wonder here.

4. Kumtag Desert
Located in Xinjiang, Kumtag Desert covers the area of 1880 square kilometers. The annual spring, autumn and early winter is the best time to explore the desert, because the desert temperature in summer will reach above 40 Celsius and in winter is below 15 Celsius.

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