Thursday, June 9, 2011

Notes on Travel Abroad

1.     Drink Much Water
You should drink much water when travel abroad to reduce the probability of stomach upset. Drinking much water on plane can reduce the probability of the infection of germs. Especially the tourists suffering from the hypertension and ischemic heart disease should drink much water and sleep well.

2.     Chewing Gum on Plane
You may suffer from tinnitus, earache, or dizziness when the plane lands and takes off. You can chew the gum, which can prevent the occurrence.

3.     Wash Your Hand Frequently
Wash your hand frequently and avoid eating raw food and drink raw water. In addition, do not touch the wild animals or plants. Once you eat yourself sick, you will have no heart for your travel.

4.     Sun Yourself After Reaching the Destination to Relief the Time Difference
Have you got any feeling of the inversion for day and night on trip? It would be well if you sun yourself after reaching the destination, which can relief the time difference.

5.     Take Adequate Medicines
You may meet kinds of health problems on trip, especially for tourists suffering from cardiovascular disease, chronic disease or allergy. You’d better prepare adequate medicines before you set out. The sufferer can take 2-month medicines in advance from doctors by your air ticket.

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