Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Enjoy a Wonderful Winter Tour in China

Whether from the number, length and the fall of snow trail or from other skiing facilities and the comprehensive service level, Yabuli Ski Resort is the best in China. Located in Harbin city of Heilongjiang province, it is the national 4A-level scenic spot and is the best field to develop competitive skiing and traveling skiing. Known as “Chinese Davos”, Yabuli is actively bidding for 2014 Winter Olympics.

Ice Lantern
Since 1963, Harbin city had the activity of “Ice Lantern Art” and the activity was officially named as “Ice Lantern Festival” in 1982. The festival lasts from January 5 to mid February, and in this period you can appreciate various creative ice lanterns, besides, kinds of snow sports are waiting for you to challenge. The festival perfectly integrates the north’s specific natural ice, lighting and sound control, which brings tourists many delights every year.

Rimed Trees
The large difference in temperature between the Songhua River in Jilin city of Jilin province and the air make the vapor condense on the trees and grasses, forming rime with the thickness of 40 to 60 millimeters. Jilin Rime is one of four China natural wonders.

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