Thursday, June 2, 2011

What's Special for Chongqing Buildings in China

1. Chongqing International Convention and Exhibition Center
The completion of Chongqing International Convention and Exhibition Center made Chongqing successfully hold many national even international convention and exhibition, and brought profound impact and change to Chongqing exhibition economy and the industries concerned.

2. Chongqing World Trade Center
Chongqing World Trade Center with the height of 283.1 meters and 62 floors was named as “The Highest Building in the Western China”. Being the highest building in Chongqing at present, it became Chongqing’s new landmark.

3. Chongqing Olympic Sports Center
Being one of the large-scale city infrastructure projects in the new century, Chongqing Olympic Sports Center’s main stadium covers an area of 62508 square meters and can hold 60000 spectators. The magnificent building changed the status that Chongqing can’t hold the large-scale international events.

4. Chongqing Famous International Building
With 236 meters high, Chongqing Famous International Building is a national 5A-level office building. In 2008, it was awarded as “Chongqing Top Ten New Landmarks”.

5. Jiefangbei
In less than 50 years, Jiefangbei had become the most famous “Golden Port”, where covers various functions such as shopping, travel, commerce, catering, entertainment, leisure and finance and became the world’s most densely populated location. Being one of the biggest commercial walking streets in China, Jiefangbei is Chongqing’s symbol, Mountain city’s visiting card and the best street in the Western China.

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