Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Sea of Cole Flower - Luoping County in Yunnan China

When you overlook the county from a hill top, you’ll need more than a few moments to absorb the heart-stopping views that the beautiful peak, cottage, road and river mingle in the sea of about 7 millions square meters of cole flowers.

When you've gotten that out of your system, far from the noisy city, head out into Luoping County where the real charm of spring lies, and get a taste of the splendid sight of the flower sea.

After the spring festival every year, young people of Bouyei, Shui, Zhuang and the Yi nationality in beautiful dress gather here to sing each other, choose a mate and perform lion dance, enginery dance and stilt dance, which make the occasion extraordinarily beautiful.

The core flower festival held from February to March every year attracts more and more tourists and photographers all over the world. A sea of jubilant people and the flower sea shine by reflected glory and form a rare and magnificent sight annually.

Provided you are in Luoping, it’s very convenient to go anywhere. The best time to Luoping is from late February to early April and the golden period is in mid March. Due to the fierce sunshine in Luoping, you’d better take parasol umbrella and sunblock with you. Generally you will have a 2-day tour in Luoping, you can appreciate the core flower sea on the first day, and tour to Jiulong waterfall and Duoyi river scenic area on the second day.

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