Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Must-See Sceneries in Autumn Beijing

The notable Chinese writer Lao She once said, “You must live in Beiping (Now Beijing) in autumn for the scenery in this season here are so fascinating.” Anyone who has stayed in this city might have the same feeling with Lao She. Only Beijing in autumn could be called an imperial endowed with good weather and favorable geographical position. All sights become brilliant against bright sunshine and the blue sky. If you tour Beijing first time, the classic attractions such as Imperial Place, Great Wall and Summer Palace can’t be missed. However, apart from the landmark places of interest, you may try to experience its autumn scenery after a little rest.

Gingko Avenue
The Gingko Avenue, located near the famous Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, is renowned in Beijing as an enchanting sight. As the autumn comes, the scenery of Gingko Avenue could be as grand and beautiful as the red leaves of the Fragrant Hill. When seeing the golden gingko leaves in deep autumn scatter over the avenue, you may feel surprised to find that the fallen leaves could be so glorious.

From middle October, the leaves of gingko gradually grow golden. An autumn wind could blow off the beautiful golden scenery.

Beside the two sides of the Gingko Avenue, there are two rows of fences. At the middle of the avenue, there is an entrance for the visitors to enter the avenue.

Jingshan Park
The Imperial Palace is well-known but its back garden, the Jingshan Park is less-visited. In this imperial park, there is a Wanchun Pavilion, which is the highest point of the imperial city Beijing, and from which the visitors could overlook the panorama of the Imperial Palace.

At the autumn dusk, when ascending the steps in the night breeze, your heart may feel quiet. The green filled with your eyes could bring you some interest you never known in normal times.

The ticket price of the Jingshan Park is CNY 2. Walking out of the northern entrance of the Imperial Palace and crossing the road, you could get to the southern entrance of the Jingshan Park. At a sunshine day, after strolling around the Imperial Palace, you could come to the Jingshan Park to admire the dusk of Beijing in autumn.

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