Thursday, April 14, 2011

What You can Explore in Beijing Botanical Garden

Tree Peony Garden
Autumn Garden
Cao Xueqin’s Memorial
Penjing Garden
Lilac Garden
Liang’s Cemetery
Rose Garden
Magnolia Garden
The Tropical Conservatory
Cherry Valley
The Wofo Temple
Education Center
Perennial Garden
Crabapple-Cotoneaster Garden
December 9th Pavilion
Herbaceous Peony Garden
Ornamental Peach Garden
Mei Flower Garden
Bamboo Garden
Hosta Garden
Crape Myrtle Garden
Herb Garden
Public Transportation
By bus:
331, 634, 696, 714, 733, 318, 360, There are two main visitor entrances on Xiangshan Nanlu and Xiangyi Lu.

By car:
From The Summer Palace: Continue straight onto Xiangyi Lu and drive 10 kilometers and turn right to the parking lot.

From the Fifth Ring Road: Exit at Fragrant Hill drive 0.8 kilometers and turn right to the parking lot.

There is a visitor entrance and attended parking (for a fee) at South Gate.
Parking lot opens at 8am. and close at 6pm. There is no overnight parking. Buses only when space permits.


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