Thursday, April 14, 2011

Beijing Aquarium

Separated in to seven sections, the aquarium comprises of the Shark Harbour, Rainforest Adventure, Wonder of Coral Reefs and the Rare Chinese Sturgeon Hall in addition to the Touch Pool, Marine Theatre and the Whales and Globefish Hall.

The Rainforest Adventure is ideal for children and nature enthusiasts as it recreates the atmosphere of walking within an Amazon rainforest complete with inland rivers, twenty-two tanks with over 100 varieties of freshwater fish species. The popular residents of this enclave include enormous salamanders, sea elephants and blood parrot fish.

The Wonder of Coral Reefs gives one the feeling of being under the sea with its overhead tunnels where fish and colourful inhabitants of the aquarium swimming overhead.
For those who dare, Beijing Aquarium also houses a Shark Harbour which offers mind blowing interactive activities with these killers of the sea. Available activities include shark feeding, diving excursions as well as opportunities to dance with the sharks!

Marine life aficionados would be amiss if they did not venture in to the Rare Chinese Sturgeon Hall which is home to the Chinese sturgeons unique to the Yangtze River
While the Whales and Globefish Hall offers unhindered views of killer whales, sea lions and dolphins going about their daily routines Grand Millennium Beijing is the ideal base for those who are looking for a luxury Beijing hotel close to the aquarium. Owing to its advantageous location the hotel also offers easy access to all of the city's prominent attractions.

Marine Mammal Pavilion is the visitors’ most favorite place with the show of the simple and naive looked sea lions which are humorous and amusing. Visitors will find them mimicking and sneering at the clumsy sea dogs this moment and next moment they will be dancing with their trainers to the music and seriously popularizing the environmental protection

Touch Pool, Walking out of the beautiful scenery of the tropical rainforest, visitors will immediately come to the seaside - the touch pool exhibition area which is full of fun and interest. The 36-meter pool represents the winding and lengthy coastline where intertidal creatures who are inhabited in the shallow sea area can be found.

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